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REID HOSPITAL »  Medical Services »  Breast Center

Breast Center

Breast Center

Reid's all digital, state-of-the-art Breast Center offers digital mammography. Found in less than 10% of similar centers nationally, digital mammography provides patients with greater accuracy, making it possible to detect problems in their earliest stages. Digital Mammography allows the radiologists to zoom in, sharpen, and even rotate the images when making their diagnosis.  Plus, all digital mammograms are evaluated with Computer Aided Detection®.

Why Choose Digital?

  • Digital mammograms have been proven to be significantly better than film-screen mammography in detecting cancers in women younger than 50 and in all women with dense breast tissue. 
  • Digital mammograms have been shown to spot up to 28% more cancers than film. 
  • Digital mammograms are stored directly into a computer, allowing the recorded data to be enhanced, magnified or easily transmitted for further evaluation.

But technology isn't the only thing that sets our Breast Center apart. The center is conveniently located just inside the main entrance of Reid Hospital's Outpatient Care Center, providing both privacy and easy access!

Easy Scheduling

Scheduling your annual mammogram at Reid Breast Center is easy. Just call Central Scheduling, (765) 983-3358. You will need to provide your doctor's name but you do not need an order from your physician for a screening mammogram. Early morning and late day appointments are also available for your convenience.

15 minutes can save your life!

This heart scan helps spot heart disease in its earliest stages, allowing aggressive action and treatments that can help prolong life. Reid is offering this screening for only $49, and it can be scheduled without a referral!

Need a Doctor?

Need a family doctor or a specialist? Click here for our Connect with a Doctor page!

Assess your health with these free tools!

These tools are not a substitute for your physician, but a supplement to his or her care. Take the results and share them with your doctor for the best results!


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