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REID HOSPITAL »  Medical Services »  Clinical Laboratory »  Our Test Catalog & Guides »  Cytology/Histology Information »  Cyst Fluid Cytology

Cyst Fluid Cytology

Cyst Fluid Cytology


TEST NAME: CYST FLUID;includes Breast Fluid, Ovarian Cyst fluid, Cysts of the Head and Neck, etc. .

QUALIFIED PERSONEL: A physician can obtain specimen.



  1. Specimen should be sent in the syringe from which the cyst fluid was drawn. Minimum of 1cc is required.
  2. Pertinent patient history written on the patient's requisition must accompany the specimen sent to the Cytology Laboratory.
  3. Specimen must be identified with the patient's last name, first initial, DOB and specimen source.
  4. Specimens, which cannot be sent to the laboratory within 1 hour, must be refrigerated. Specimen must be sent fresh. NO FIXATIVE ADDED.
  5. NOTE: If the specimen is to be split with chemistry and/or microbiology the specimen must kept STERILE. Special studies requests must be included on the requisition.

CAUSE FOR RESULT DELAY/DIAGNOSTIC LIMITATIONS: Failure to complete the above 5 requirements.

TEST AVAILABILITY: This specimen can be sent to the Cytology Laboratory at any time. Stat results can only be issued during Cytology Laboratory hours: Mon ? Fri, 6:00 a.m. ? 4:00 p.m. If results are needed off-hours the laboratory should be called to have a pathologist and technologist called in to perform test.

TURN AROUND TIME: Routine specimens: 24 ? 48 hrs. Stat specimens: 2-3 hrs.


- Syringes can not be capped off with a needle.  A syringe cap device must be used.  Failure to do so will result in a MIDAS report.

 LAB SECTION PREFORMING TEST: Cytology laboratory Ext. # 3051

SMS Orderable: Laboratory/Pathology/01Fluids (brushings, wash, urine, cyto)

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