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REID HOSPITAL »  Support Services »  Wellness »  My Medlist

My Medlist

My Medlist

Your caregivers will need an accurate, complete medication list to properly care for you. Use these cards and have it ready!

Make a list of current prescriptions, herbals and over-the-counter medicines.

Every doctor, every visit, take this list with you.

Don't forget to keep it up to date with changes!

LIST the name of the medicine, strength and how often you take it.

Why it's important:

  • Your nurse and physician will need to have this information before they can complete your appointment - having it available could also speed up your appointment.
  •  Accurate information helps prevent medication errors.
  •  Should you have a medical emergency and be unable to communicate, the list can still be available to your care team.

Save this PDF template file to your computer.

Using the tab keys, start in the first field and type in all your information, including over-the-counter medicines, herbals and vitamins.

Be sure to also include how each medicine is taken (orally, as a shot, etc.).

When finished, print the file, trim the edges and fold it to a pocket size.

Be sure to carry it with you at all times and update it with every change in medications.

Click <here> to access the My MedLIST form.

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