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REID HOSPITAL »  Support Services »  Physician Hospital Organization (PHO)

Physician Hospital Organization (PHO)

Physician Hospital Organization (PHO)

Local healthcare problems are best managed by local experts. Sure, we could get a big city managed care firm to do the job. But big business solutions don't always offer the flexibility we need. That's why, in 1994, we put together the Physician Hospital Organization (PHO). This team of local experts has a personal understanding of the everyday challenges those in our community face and help us create managed care solutions. 

Who makes up the Reid PHO?

The Reid PHO is made up of Reid Hospital and more than 100 local primary care physicians and medical specialists. Working together, we tap into our combined areas of expertise to tailor managed care solutions that are specific to the needs of your business.  

How do we fulfill our commitment to clients?

The Reid PHO is committed to providing quality service, easy access and cost-effective health care services. Our formula? 
Value = Cost + Quality + Satisfaction

COST - We will continue the local commitment to providing medical care at the lowest charges possible. That includes monitoring our performance against established standards of care.

QUALITY - We will monitor clinical quality as closely as we do charges. We'll make sure we continuously improve the quality of care provided to your employees.

SATISFACTION - We will continuously monitor the satisfaction your employees have with the care provided to them at Reid Hospital. 

What do you expect of your Physician Partners?

Member physicians in the PHO are dedicated to being the leaders in both clinical quality and patient satisfaction. The PHO ensures that member physicians:  

  • Have excellent educational backgrounds
  • Offer convenient office hours
  • Have superior professional credentials

You can view a list of current Reid PHO contracts.  

How do you ensure quality care is being given and easily available?

The Reid PHO Utilization Management and Quality Improvement Committee strives to ensure that all medically appropriate care is available. Our quality improvement program focuses on collecting and analyzing data and implementing improvement initiatives.

For more information about the Reid PHO, contact Gwen Mc Gill, PHO executive assistant, at (765) 983-3322 or via e-mail by clicking on her name.

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